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    Founder/How We Started

    Hi, my name is Mitch Kidd and I am the founder of Diamondback Safety Tools.

    Diamondback Safety Tools started out as my marketing project at the University of Redlands. In this project we had to create our own product to sell so I gave my Dad a call for some help with ideas. My Dad has been a union plumber in Salinas, CA for over 30 years. One of his workers had recently injured themselves tightening a threaded flange. This lead to a great marketing paper and a patented, secure two pin design in a solid steel frame. 

    The Diamondback Safety Tools flange wrench was built in response to a need to increase workers safety when tightening threaded flanges. While the two pin design drastically reduced worker injuries we did not stop there. We made sure that the two pins would be more secure by creating different sizes on the pins themselves. If you look closely you can see the top of the pins (1/2") are slightly smaller than the bottom of the pins (5/8"). This is designed to reduce the chances of the wrench slipping by ensuring there isn't any slack when the pin goes in the flange holes to tighten.

    We also added a "drop in pin" or "plunger pin" to lock the wrench in place for each flange size from 1"-4" to further increase worker safety. 

    Once we created the safe and secure design, which has almost eliminated injuries due to tightening threaded flanges, we looked for ways to help increase worker efficiency. We found that adding a level on the wrench allows for "two holing" to make sure that connecting flanges are even. With "two holing" the worker does not have to spend extra time loosening or retightening the flanges while also ensuring a secure fit.

    The flange wrench was just given an award for its safety and innovation. The flange wrench won the wrenches portion of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards where they stated, "Diamondback Safety Tools targets safety and increases efficiency with their Flange Wrench. It’s an adjustable model to fit 1″ – 4″ flanges and it locks the bolts in place so there’s no chance of slipping. They also put a level on board if you’re using the two hole method to line the flanges up. If you’re still using the bolt and pipe method, Diamondback offers a huge upgrade worth your consideration."

    Diamondback Safety Tools was founded on safety and we hope that you will choose our flange wrench to protect every companies greatest asset, the workers.

    Proudly made in the USA.